2021 Funnel Scripts Review: Better Than Hiring Copywriters?!

As a digital marketer, creating content and copy that sells can vastly enhance your sales. Words are powerful, and that translates into business. No wonder companies spend billions of dollars yearly on advertisements and copywriting. While you might not have so much cash to throw around, you can still create an excellent copy for your advertising campaign by using Funnel Scripts. In this Funnel Scripts review, we will consider the features and benefits of this product. This brutally honest review will help you decide whether to invest your time in Funnel Scripts. Let’s see whether this platform is worth it.

What is Funnel Scripts?

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Created by Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson, Funnel Scripts is a copy generating Software as a Service that helps you create copy that sells.

Using this copywriting software, you can create email scripts, video sales scripts, sales copy, and more for your business. With this software, copy doesn’t have to be hard. It seamlessly provides you with powerful and compelling copies that make your visitors buy from you.

With Funnel Scripts, you do not have to be a copywriting guru before creating compelling copy. A beginner can create copy almost indistinguishable to what is written by an expert hand. Thus, you do not have to hire an entire copywriting team to create such copy.

You can relax as Funnels Scripts does so in a few moments, what would ordinarily take you hours to come up with.

With Funnel Scripts, you run the risk of:

  • Becoming a lazy writer with excellent copy
  • Firing your copywriting team
  • Spending less time on copywriting
  • Fooling others into thinking you are a magical copywriter.

We said in this Funnel Scripts review that the Funnel Scripts SaaS is the brainchild of Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson. These two share their strategies and scripts that can help you make marketing copy that engages your audience.

Using this SaaS, you will make a copy based on demographics and centers on how your product can help solve your audience’s problems.

Choosing Funnel Scripts, you get access to:

  • A plethora of scripts ranging from ad scripts for social networks to webinar scripts and other sales scripts
  • A quartet of script wizards that compile copy together for you
  • Several forms that you can fill to generate incredible copy
  • Instruction videos for copy and scripts that are brief and straight to the point
  • Monthly One-on-one training videos.

funnel scripts dashboard

Funnel Scripts provides a one-stop dashboard that mainly creates copy. With this SaaS, you can create the following:

  • Ad copy
  • Sales copy
  • Product description
  • Headlines
  • Email copy
  • Video sales letter

And more.

Funnel Scripts aim to remove the cost of hiring copywriters for your business. Your copy is generated by combining several tried and tested templates and information that you provide.

If your business involves online salesmanship and capturing leads online, then you would love this platform.

It is also excellent for anyone with a lot on their plate and needs help writing copy.

Who Made Funnel Scripts?

Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson made Funnel Scripts as we have said earlier in the Funnel Scripts review. Who are they?

Well, Jim Edwards is one of the most popular copywriters in the world. He is an expert operating out of Virginia. He has a vast knowledge of how copywriting works. He is also the maker of the self-named “Jim Edwards Method.”

He is so successful because of the methods he uses in writing his copy. His tried and tested formulas are evident in Funnel Scripts.

Apart from that, he is the creator of Guaranteed Response Marketing, another copywriting course that helps copywriters worldwide.

Russell Brunson is the other creator of the program. He is one of the most popular digital marketers on the globe.

Due to his work, he has a massive following of entrepreneurs. If you are a digital marketer, the chances are high that you have heard about ClickFunnels. Well, he is the maker of ClickFunnels.

These two men came together to give this software because they observe that many online sellers wasted loads of cash on making copy with little to zero effect. These owners hired expensive writers that only collected their money without giving them what they wanted.

So, with their combined knowledge of copywriting and sales funnel creation, they made Funnel Scripts just for you.

Why Should you Buy This Product?

If you wonder why you need Funnel Scripts, this section in this Funnel Scripts review will reveal what you need to know.

Here are some of the best reasons to invest in Funnel Scripts right now.

  • Save time, money, and stress

If you have ever sat to write any copy, then you will understand that writing copy that moves the seller can be quite challenging. It is no easy task regardless of how good you might be at it. Putting up copy for your website or online store can take a lot from you.

Honestly, tapping into your customer’s pains and wants and using that to create the words that move them can be difficult.

Thankfully, Funnel Scripts is just what you need to help you. This SaaS saves you a ton of time as you can create good copy in less than 10 minutes!

  • You do not need a Copywriter

Hiring a copywriter can be expensive. Seeing the hourly rates of a copywriter can put you off getting the right person. While you can choose cheap writers, you often get what you pay for. Getting a highly experienced copywriter is hard. But Funnel Scripts comes to the rescue. With this software, you can get all the writing done for you at a cheaper rate.

What Funnel Scripts Contains

In this Funnel Scripts review, we will not be delving into what the program contains because once you get it, you will have a comprehensive training video that will show you how to use it.

Once purchased, you will have plenty of features and walkthroughs that are quite valuable. There is just so much content available here. The downside is that it can feel a little bit overwhelming.

You will get downloadable guides that help you form your copy quickly. There is also the dashboard, sidebar, blogs, and scripts that come in handy.

Interestingly, the scripts also include scripts from DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and others.

expert secrets scripts

When you choose the script, you will be transferred to a page with a video tutorial. You will also get templates that you will fill with the information that you want to be processed.

Once all these are done, click on ‘build’ and watch the template make your new copy.

Alternatives to Funnel Scripts

This is a unique SaaS that doesn’t have many competitors. It offers so much goodness that you will have a good time using it.

There isn’t any software right now that can do what Funnel Scripts does.

The alternative, therefore, is getting experienced copywriters to write copy for your site.

When you compare the cost of Funnel Scripts to how much you’d pay an experienced copywriter, you will likely just choose Funnel Scripts.

Funnel Scripts features more than 60 scripts to choose from. You do not have to deal with the human element when using this product.

Additionally, you get plenty of educational resources that add even more value.

Funnel Scripts Pricing

This software has undergone several versions, which has affected the cost. Previously, it would cost you up to $500 to use this SaaS for one year.

However, there is good news. You can get the Funnel Scripts software for $797. How is that good? Well, this means that you get everything in Funnel Scripts. Yes, you get every feature, blueprint, tutorial; writing masterclasses, just name it. And you get it, not for just 1 year, but forever!

Thus, it is one of the best deals that you can get right now. While the initial cost might be on the high side, it is an excellent value of money considering all the benefits that you get.

Pros of Funnel Scripts

  • You get great copy

As we have pointed out repeatedly in this Funnel Scripts review, this software gives you plenty of excellent copy.

Although you cannot say with 100% certainty that a copy will attract customers, the rate of success is high with this software.

Many users have remarked on the effectiveness of the copy, though, which is great.

  • Plenty of bonuses

With Funnel Scripts, you get so many bonuses. These include Funnel blueprints, inception secrets, shared funnels, and more.

  • Handy downloadable wizards

You get plenty of scripts that you can use and downloadable wizards that do not need an internet connection.

Cons of Funnel Scripts

  • The One-time cost

In the pricing section of this Funnel Scripts review, the initial cost is high. This can put people off.

  • There is a steep learning curve

Conclusion for this Funnel Scripts Review

If you can afford this SaaS, then I highly recommend that you get it. Funnel Scripts offers so much value for money and can greatly improve the quality of your copy. This Funnel Scripts review shows all the things you should know about Funnel Scripts. So what are you waiting for? Get your Funnel Scripts today!

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