The 11 Best Online Business Books For Entrepreneurs In 2021

The best online marketers and business people have something in common – they never settle for less and always look to learn more about the trade. To remain competitive in a frantic industry, the online business person must know as much about the industry to know what to do presently and have a glimpse into what the future holds. In this post, we will examine some of the best online business books for entrepreneurs in 2020. These books will help the marketer have an edge in the market. Read on to find our best picks and decide which one is right for you.

Online Marketing Books

When growing up, whenever questions arose, they could be answered with a straightforward solution – reading a book. Books are very useful even now and can assist you to know what works in this digital age and get a leg up over your rivals.

While some marketers might scoff at the advice to read a book, books still come in useful. While it is true that almost everything is digital now; with most people glued to their cell phones, you can still find time to read and benefit from reading.

Reading comes with several benefits, even if you feel that you know everything there is to know. But nobody knows it all, and we all have something to learn from others. While blogs and social media platforms help us feel the pulse of the industry, books give deeper analysis and information than what a blog might contain.

Reading requires your full attention, which contrasts with how we view blogs and Twitter blurbs.

Whether you want to beat your competition, improve revenue, or just explore a new marketing mindset, these online business books can help you. They are essential reading for anyone looking to get more out of their online business.

Without further ado, let us examine the best online business books available.

1. Dotcom Secrets By Russell Brunson

Dotcom Secrets By Russell Brunson

The first online business book on this list is one of the best books written by a popular figure in the online marketing industry. Russell Brunson is an intrepid author who has written several high-quality, informative articles that tackle different aspects of a business.

Dotcom Secrets is a unique book that is driven by data. In writing this book, Russell dissected more than 1000 split tests across millions of people.

Russell is a guru in this business and has over a decade of experience helping companies grow from the ground up. To do this, he draws on his wealth of knowledge about traffic and conversions.

In Dotcom Secrets, Russell tackles the problem of low traffic and conversion rates. He helps you see why these might be happening to your business, and of course, offers quality advice that can assist you.

The book offers you a strategy to create and tweak sales funnels to make them highly successful. It also helps you know your customers and the correct deals that would appeal to your audience over time.

Dotcom Secrets covers several strategies used by the most prominent companies today and obscure one developed by Russell – all while remaining ethical and true to the ideals of your business.

If you have a fledgeling company that is looking to expand, then look no further than Dotcom Secrets.

2. Scaling Up by Verne Harnish

Scaling Up by Verne Harnish

Growing your bottom is easier with scaling. However, scaling is easier said than done. Dominating your industry is a guaranteed way to scale – but how can you do it?

Well, that is the focus of Scaling Up by Verne Harnish. In this online business book, you get details on strategies, techniques, and tools that can help to turn your small company and make it a domineering force in your industry.

The strategies outlined in this book have helped new and experienced business owners.

Regardless of the type of business you run, you’ll likely find something useful in this book. For one, it targets four main aspects that every business has to focus on to be successful. These include – People, Cash, Strategy, and Execution.

These four elements are essential to scaling your business, and Harnish goes a step further to give strategies on the HOW to scale when focused on these aspects.


3. The E-Myth by Michael Gerber

The E-Myth by Michael Gerber

If you are a budding business owner, you are likely confronted by many myths and assumptions about the business – how to run it, scale, and so on. Many business owners take these myths to heart and are disheartened by what they have heard.

The E-Myth online business book is focused on debunking these myths. After showing you how wrong these are, Gerber outlines practical insights on how to navigate the troubled waters of your business and come out smelling as sweet as a rose.

The book contains information on different strategies and is written in a clear, concise manner that you would find it easy to apply.

You will get information on the aspects to focus on in your business – even the small things.

4. Blue Ocean Strategy by Renee Mauborgne & W. Chan Kim

Blue Ocean Strategy

This book is one of the most popular online business books in circulation. With more than 3.5 million copies sold worldwide, this book offers plenty of insights into business- especially how to deal with competition.

According to the book, the most effective way of surviving competition is by creating your niche, that is, unexplored markets and dominating that space.

The book helps business owners realize the importance of innovation instead of worrying about what the competitors are doing. It provides several practical studies of some businesses that have implemented the strategy for incredible success.

5. The Richest Man in Babylon by George Samuel Clason

The Richest Man in Babylon

This is one of the most inspirational business books in the world. Many readers love it as it is easy to read, and the characters offer practical advice that can be applied to businesses today.

If you are looking to build personal wealth, the parables and lessons here can help you to navigate the commercial space.

These principles are still useful regardless of the number of years you have spent as a business person.

6. Expert Secrets by Russel Brunson

Expert Secrets

By far one of the best online business books I’ve read. The Expert Secrets book has drawn a following – especially among people interested in sales funnel. Written by Russell Brunson, who is an expert funnel marketer, the book offers secrets of funnel marketing.

While many hoard this knowledge, Russell has written the book to help businesses realize how important funnel marketing is to their business and learn how to use it. In the book, you will find plenty of experiences from real experts. The tips and suggestions offered come in handy and will help you to make a success of the business.

7. Cash Copy by Jeffrey L Lant

Cash Copy

If you are looking to boost your marketing efforts then online business books can help. This book from Jeffrey L Lant might be just what you need. It is advertised as a ‘cash machine’ that delivers plenty of insights on how you can make your business a successful means of profit.

The focus of Cash Copy is to help you get your customers to move and make a purchase. It helps you to see how to tweak your copy to stimulate the hearts and minds of your users. With the copywriting strategy outlined in the book, you can always churn out a profit from your business.

8. Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson

Traffic Secrets online business books

The next online business book is another book from Russell Brunson. If you could find a book that can help you to drive traffic to your website, we are pretty sure you’d love it. And that is what you get with Traffic Secrets.

The book is full of marketing strategies as well that will help to boost your business. It comes as part of a set of books from Russell (Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets). It builds on the principles and strategies found in those books.

To get the best from Traffic Secrets, you need to understand the principles found in Experts and Dotcom secrets. When combined, the trilogy helps you to set out the foundation for a highly successful online business.

9. Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards

Copywriting Secrets

If you find it hard to create sales copy from the bottom up and want to compose better emails, letters, newsletters, ads, and similar things, then you should give this book a look.

The book is authored by Jim Edwards, who is a popular copywriter. He is an expert who has authored dozens of books and articles that discuss copywriting. He takes all the knowledge he has and distills it into this easy to read book.

The book is written in an easy to understand format. It contains simple formulas that can assist you in getting more people investing in your business.

10. Breakthrough Advertising by E G Schwartz

Breakthrough Advertising

The next online business book is the ‘Bible’ on copywriting – Breakthrough Advertising. This book takes an in-depth analysis of how to create a message that draws readers in.

As a marketer, you must have a solid grasp on persuasion, and this book allows you to do that through print.

You get plenty of tips, including a formula that incorporates human psychology and use it to trigger what you want in your potential customers.

Using the principles found in this book, you can make up your advertising campaign without having to resort to what others have done.

If you want the ultimate course in copywriting, then you should get this excellent book.

11. The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

The 4 Hour Work Week online business books

Published in 2009, this book focuses on how to help budding and struggling business owners to escape the trap of the average workweek.

This book was a hit during the latest American Recession and birthed a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Like most excellent books, it contains some controversial methods and techniques – but these are what make it such an excellent read. If you are looking for another way to manage your company, then you should look at what this book contains.

My Conclusion on Online Business Books

Although you might be a busy person, we strongly believe that making time to read these online business books can assist you and your company. These online business books give you a new perspective and give you ways to tweak your current strategy to make the most of your business.

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