Top 10 Most Profitable Instagram Niches In 2021

Instagram has become a profitable goldmine for many people all across the world. With the rising popularity of the platform, it’s earning potential for the average Joe is also climbing every day. But what are the most profitable Instagram niches in 2020? What are the fastest-growing Instagram niches? And what are the best niches to get started in as a beginner?

Today, I’ll be sharing some of the best niches that you should consider jumping into if you want to make some serious money on Instagram in 2020!

Who Can Make Money On Instagram?

From experience, I can tell you that anyone can make money on Instagram if they put their mind to it. In general, there are 3 types of Instagram accounts that have the potential to be profitable:

  1. Influencers: Individuals who build a loyal following can start earning money off Instagram by getting brand deals, selling their own products, or by promoting certain products and receiving a commission.
  2. Businesses: Online and offline businesses can build a following on Instagram and promote their products and services to their audience. Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for businesses in all spaces.
  3. Theme Pages: Theme pages are pages that don’t revolve around an individual or a business, but focus on sharing viral content with their audiences. These pages are the easiest to grow on Instagram and have massive income potential.

Neither one of the 3 options requires you to have hundreds of thousands of followers to make some money. Even just a couple hundred followers can be enough to start earning some income on the side.

That being said, in this article I’ll be covering the 10 most profitable Instagram niches in 2020 which will be relevant for anyone looking to earn money on the platform with a theme page, as an influencer, or by promoting their business.

The Most Profitable Instagram Niches In 2020

1. The Travel Niche

The travel niche is one of the biggest niches in the world today. 60% of travelers share their travel photos on social media. With a massive online industry of $750 billion annually, that’s a lot of people! Because the industry is so massive, the travel niche is one of the most profitable Instagram niches out there.

Ideas for making money in the travel niche:

  • Traveling for free: Even with just 10, 20, or 30.000 followers, you can secure a lot of free accommodation while traveling. That could potentially save you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars on a trip.
  • Selling digital/physical products: If you travel frequently, you could write and sell your own travel guide. If you’re good with editing images, you could sell your editing presets. If you don’t want to create your own digital or physical product, you could sell someone else’s product as an affiliate.

2. The Business Niche

The business/infographic niche is my favorite niche on Instagram for a simple reason: The followers in this niche love to invest in themselves and their future. This makes it one of the most profitable Instagram niches for selling courses, guides, and other digital products.

Ideas for making money in the business niche:

  • Selling infoproducts as an affiliate: The business niche has a ton of popular infoproducts which you can sell to your audience. Some options include courses on Instagram growth, e-commerce, dropshipping, investing, and other topics. You will receive a commission for every sale you generate for the product you’re promoting.
  • Creating content for other pages: If you know how to create high-quality business infographic posts using Photoshop or Canva then this is a great way to make money. Many other pages are looking for content creators and will pay you to create posts for them.
  • Selling shoutouts: In the business niche, you can charge more money per shoutout than in any other niche. On top of that, you also get more shoutout requests than in other niches. It’s a very good way to start making some more money on the side.

3. The Fitness/Health Niche

The fitness industry is booming and people are more concerned about their health today than ever before. Subsequently, the fitness industry is also blowing up on Instagram and there is a lot of money to be made.

Ideas for making money in the fitness niche:

  • Selling fitness equipment as an affiliate: There is a wide variety of fitness tools that you can promote to your followers. Anything from fitness trackers, fitness apps, supplements, and other items can be promoted on Instagram effectively.
  • Selling custom workout or meal plans: Are you a personal trainer yourself? You could offer your followers a custom meal plan and workout plan to go with it. Alternatively, you can find a ton of these offers online which you can promote as an affiliate.
  • Brand deals: The fitness niche is one of the most profitable Instagram niches for people who want to secure brand deals. A lot of brands are looking for fitness accounts to promote their products and services to their audience and you can take advantage of that.

4. The Fashion Niche

The fashion niche is incredibly profitable and has a ton of potential for you to make some money. It is another niche that has a massive amount of brand deals and potential brands that you can promote as an affiliate.

Ideas for making money in the fashion niche:

  • Sell second-hand clothing: Do you have old fashion pieces lying around? Having a fashion page on Instagram can help you sell those items quickly and easily.
  • Brand deals: The fashion niche is a great niche to be in if you want to be an influencer. Many fashion companies and brands use influencers to promote their products. Revolve is a perfect example of a fashion company that relies on Instagram influencers to promote their products.

5. The Beauty Niche

Similar to the fashion niche, the beauty niche is one of the most popular spaces on Instagram. In 2019 the beauty industry became a $532 billion industry and everything indicates that it will continue to grow over the coming years and decades.

Ideas for making money in the beauty niche:

  • Promote makeup or skincare products: As an affiliate, your options for promoting beauty products are virtually unlimited. Whether you’re promoting physical products or online courses on skincare routines, there is a lot of money to be made in that arena.
  • Ecommerce stores: Do you want to sell your own brand of products? If so, the beauty niche is a great space to do it in. Creating your own online store which you can then promote on Instagram can be a very profitable venture.

Which Other Profitable Instagram Niches Are An Option?

The 5 most profitable Instagram niches which I mentioned above are my favorite niches for making money on Instagram, but they are not the only ones. You may not find yourself excited about any of the niches I just mentioned so here are 5 more profitable Instagram niches which you can consider:

  1. The Animal Niche
  2. The Lifestyle Niche
  3. The Music Niche
  4. The Food Niche
  5. The Photography Niche

You can make money in these niches by selling products as an affiliate, signing brand deals, promoting your own products/services, and many more options. Feel free to get creative!

Conclusion: The Most Profitable Instagram Niches

Instagram holds countless opportunities for you to make money. Today I covered the most profitable Instagram niches in 2020 and I hope it helped you get a better understanding of the possibilities on this platform. If you haven’t started growing your own account yet, start today! You’ll thank yourself in a couple of months.

Emil Faschang
Instagram & Digital Marketing Expert | Online Entrepreneur for 4 Years | SocialSummitAgency Founder | 19 Years Old


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