GetResponse Review 2021: Is It Really The Best Tool Ever?!

In the year 1998, 18-year old Simon Grabowski developed what is now one of the best email marketing tools of our generation. The company that serves over 350,000 paying customers in 182 nations around the world claims that it’s the easiest marketing software available to use. Over the last few years, GetResponse has won numerous awards for its user-friendliness, innovation, and high deliverability.

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If you are reading this GetResponse review, you probably want to know:

  • Are these grand claims true?
  • How does GetResponse compare to other leading email marketing tools?
  • How is GetResponse pricing?
  • And most importantly, why should I use it?

This GetResponse review will answer these questions and more. But first…

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is a powerful email marketing software that allows you to grow your audience, promote your services, and sell your products from the comfort of your computer. Like all the other emailing tools, GetResponse helps you to;

  • Create or import a mailing list and add data into it
  • Create emails and newsletters to send to your email list
  • Automate your emails via autoresponders
  • View and analyze data related to your campaigns

However, GetResponse takes it a few notches higher with amazing and unique features meant to make your email marketing journey much better.

Is GetResponse The Right Tool For You?

Getresponse is perfect if you are in e-commerce, and you need to drive more sales into your store. The marketing tool allows sales tracking and seamless integration with platforms like Shopify and Magento.

It’s also suitable for companies that are launching a promotion or small businesses looking for a good sales funnel that can also handle campaigns.

In this GetResponse review, we will not go into the usual details of what every feature in Getresponse does. Check out any Getresponse tutorial here to get started and understand the platform better. Instead, we will look at what sets it apart from the rest and then discuss the pricing. Sounds good?

GetResponse Review: Special Features

  1. Autoresponder 2.0

Imagine setting up emails to go out to a subscriber on a specific date or when a person performs a particular action. This is what GetResponse improved autoresponder helps you to do. For instance, you can set it up such that when someone signs up to your mail list, they receive a welcome email and a couple of other follow up emails after that, one per week. You can also set an autoresponder email that goes out to a subscriber’s birthday to wish them well on that day. GetResponse autoresponder enables you to take automation to the next level.

  1. Conversion funnels

The best-selling feature about GetResponse is conversion funnel, formerly known as autofunnel. This feature makes GetResponse so great for e-commerce because you can create a product catalog, run Facebook ads, drive users to your sales page, take payments, and create landing pages

Speaking of landing pages, GetResponse is one of the few email marketing tools that allow you to create a landing page right on the platform without using any external apps. You can host the landing page on GetResponse or embed it on your website or social media platforms.

So here is the process of creating a working sales strategy in minutes according to GetResponse Facebook ad;

  • Create an excellent looking landing page using any of the templates available on the platform.
  • Convert your visitors into subscribers and leads using forms and opt-in emails
  • Nurture your subscribers into adoring fans with helpful newsletters and webinars
  • Get them to buy any of your products or services.
  1. Webinars

What do you think is the secret behind successful email marketing? Well, if you guessed valuable information and problem solving, you are right. On top of sending out informative and helpful emails, you can also have a webinar to impart your knowledge and expertise to others. GetResponse allows webinar hosting at very competitive pricing, and your attendees don’t need to download separate software to attend. As if that wasn’t enough, GetResponse also gives storage for your recorded webinar.

  1. Intuitive email editor

Every email marketing tool has an email editor where you compose your messages from scratch or use the provided templates. With GetResponse, you can preview the email before sending it and even a spam checker to flag anything that might cause your email to land on the spam folder. When you ensure that your email looks good on any platform and email client, then check your A/B split testing, you can broadcast it to the selected subscribers.

Furthermore, GetResponse has a time travel feature that allows you to send the message later when the subscriber is more likely to open it. For example, if a person usually opens their email at 8 am, you can set your automation features to send the email at that time.

  1. RSS to Email

My all favorite feature on GetResponse is this RSS to Email thing. It automatically sends a message to your blog audience when you post a new article. The notification increases readership, engagement, and conversion if appropriately utilized. Without it, you would have to manually write an email to them every time or hope to God that they will bump into it somewhere.

Plans Available on GetResponse

GetResponse offers several premium plans, namely; Email, Pro, Max, and Enterprise. Email is the basic plan that goes for $15/month for 1000 subscribers. This plan will give you everything you need for email marketing, including autoresponder, email editor, landing pages, and reporting. If you want advanced features like marketing automation, conversion funnel, webinars, you will need to upgrade to Pro or higher. Getresponse pricing changes with the number of subscribers in every plan, like any other tool.

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As far as pricing is concerned, Getresponse is still one of the most affordable autoresponders in the market today. At $15/month, only Mailjet’s Standard level compares at $9.65/month, and it doesn’t have as many features as Getresponse. Going up the ladder, Getresponse price remains more competitive than the rest while providing more value for your money.

Is There A GetResponse Free Trial?

A Getresponse free-trial is available for the first 30 days, and you don’t even have to use a credit card to sign up. If you want to tiptoe first to get a feeling for how this tool compares to the rest, those 30 days will come in handy.

Get Response Review: Pros and Cons

So, are all those claims about being the easiest tool, top-notch deliverability, and great support accurate?

Fortunately YES. Getresponse does not disappoint where it matters most.

To close this Getresponse review, here is a breakdown of the good and the bad.


  • Ease of use. Getresponse is not lying when they say their platform is easy to use. Everything from creating the landing pages, email creation to form building is quite straightforward. It has a very low learning curve which means you’ll be able to use and understand all of their features in no time at all.
  • Fantastic customer support. You can reach the technical support team via 24/7 Live Chat, email support and phone calls. You can also check out their learning center, which is full of resources to solve just about any issue you are having.

GetResponse has a weekly webinar and posts regular articles on their blog to educate email marketers in general.

  • 99% deliverability rate. This is what GetResponse had to say about their deliverability,

At GetResponse we are frequently asked about the quality of our deliverability rate. Because deliverability depends on many factors, including the content of your messages, the deliverability rate could vary for each mailing. For all our customers collectively, however, we are proud to say our overall deliverability rate currently stands at 99%.”

If you don’t want to take them at their word, check out your email analytics to see the deliverability rate of each email you send out.  The level of accountability portrayed by Getresponse via these analytics is something to commend.

  • Integration. GetResponse allows integration with quite a few apps, especially e-commerce tools. It also integrates well with WordPress and social media accounts to make the sales funnel seamless. Check out all the integrations before you start using GetResponse.

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  • Template options. While ConvertKit takes the cake where simplicity is concerned, GetResponse has more templates to use. The tool has 220 email templates to choose from, 180 landing pages templates, 700 Webform templates, 40 funnel templates, and 5000 stock photos for your use. Sure there are tools with more templates than these (AWeber comes to mind), but these numbers seem quite adequate for any campaign.
  • Multiple users. If you have a partner or employees, you can share the GetResponse login. GetResponse allows 3 users in the Plus plan, 5 users on the Professional plan, and 10 users on the Enterprise plan.
  • Intuitive mail design. GetResponse email templates adjust themselves automatically to fit the device being used to view the newsletter. You don’t have to design a different template for mobile devices. You can preview how the newsletter will look like on each device and make the desired changes.


At the time of writing this GetResponse review, the platform was still in the process of upgrading its email templates to be more intuitive and compatible with the Gmail mobile app. Once this move is complete, the tool will almost be perfect.

Get the Right Message to the Right People

Have you ever received a message or an email that didn’t concern you at all? An essential feature of GetResponse is marketing automation to ensure this doesn’t happen to your subscribers. As the name suggests, your email marketing campaign should get subscribers to respond to you in the form of engagement and sales.

Achieve that by ensuring every subscriber gets the right message. For instance, a subscriber who hasn’t opened an email for a while should not continue getting the email sequence like the rest. Instead, they should receive a follow-up message to ensure they read the first message.

Did you enjoy this GetResponse review? See more Email Marketing resources here.

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