ClickFunnels vs Shopify: Which Tool Is Best for You In 2021?

If you have decided to begin your online business, you will need tools that can improve your sales and other important metrics. You might sell an awesome product useful for everyone, but if you don’t have a store to sell out, you would be completely stumped. In your quest to find the right marketplace, you would likely have come across Shopify and Clickfunnels. In this Clickfunnels vs Shopify comparison, we will consider which of the options offer the best value

This Clickfunnels vs Shopify review will consider important features of both platforms. While both have their flaws, they also have plenty of benefits. The best choice for you will largely depend on the type of business you want to run and what you are selling. Without further ado, let’s dive right into the differences between the two platforms.

Shopify vs Clickfunnels: What are the differences?

Here is a quick overview of the major difference between both platforms.

  • Clickfunnels offers you just two options: Basic and Etison Suite. Shopify, on the other hand, offers you up to three plans to choose from.
  • Shopify comes with a mobile app that allows you to use your site on your Android or iOS smartphone. Clickfunnels, on the other hand, lacks an app.
  • With Clickfunnels, you have the opportunity to use several ready-made sales funnels. Shopify isn’t as great at that – instead, it excels at inventory and customer management.

With these main differences out of the way, let us now see what these two SaaS offer.

Shopify Overview

If your business includes selling plenty of products, then Shopify is an excellent service that comes in handy. It comes with so many features that you will find great for your business.

With Shopify, you have plenty of themes to use in creating your website. Shopify also excels at managing your inventory, payments, and shipping. With Shopify, you get some of the best rates from companies like USPS and DHL.

With this Software as a Service, you are given every tool required to build and run your online shop. All of these can be done without your writing any code.

Shopify also has plenty of integrations. These Shopify integrations improve the functionality of your online shop.

Clickfunnels Overview

If this is your first foray into online selling and marketing, you’d be hard-pressed to find better software to help you than Clickfunnels. It comes with plenty of excellent features that your business will find useful.

For example, Clickfunnels is built with plenty of sales funnels that can be modified to meet your business needs. These sales funnels can greatly improve your conversions.

Apart from the ability to build your online store, Clickfunnels also helps you manage an email list and assist you with email campaigns.

In the Shopify vs Clickfunnels comparison, Shopify offers you shops that come with more features. Nevertheless, the shops you build on Clickfunnels are enough to get you on your feet. This versatile software is all the marketing software you’ll likely ever need.

Shopify vs Clickfunnels Features

In this Clickfunnels vs. Shopify review, we have considered an overview of the software. In this section, we will now consider the features of each software and see which wins out.

So far, in this Clickfunnels vs. Shopify review, you might feel that this software is for different people. If you think that is the case, you wouldn’t be wrong.

Shopify Features

It should be stated here that Shopify is excellent for entrepreneurs that are good at integrating several marketing software into their online shops. It isn’t for beginners, per se, and is excellent if you already know how to make sales funnels and convert visitors to customers. Here are some of the nice features of Shopify.

Online Store Builder

The software comes with free and paid themes that help you create your dream online store. One of the best features here is the Drag and Drop builder that allows you to manipulate almost every aspect of your store. It lets you add media, CSS and HTML code, and so on.

Additionally, Shopify allows owners to make blog posts. Since it comes in a mobile app version, all the pages are unsurprisingly mobile responsive.

Inventory Management

This is one of the biggest features of this software. It lets you track and manage your inventory seamlessly.


Shopify provides you with easily interpreted data. Using the analytics feature, you can see different facets of your store and how much sales you are making. It helps you know what visitors do on each page of your site and is great for optimizing pages.

Customer Management

With Shopify, you can see how customers behave on the site. You can break your customers into groups based on certain demographics. With this feature, you do not have to handle refunds yourself since the system does it for you.

Sales Channels

The sales channels feature enables you to create your store inside social networks like Facebook and even physical locations. Therefore, your potential customers can visit your store inside these social networks without having to migrate to your actual website.


One of the best features of Shopify is the existence of multiple plug-ins and integrations into your store.

Mobile App

An innovative feature is the presence of a mobile app. This app is available on Android and iOS platforms. It is a useful tool for getting orders, managing inventories, and more.

Payment Integrations

With Shopify integrations, you can manage payments from several card companies ranging from Mastercard to American Express.

Clickfunnels Features

While Shopify is excellent for pros, Clickfunnels is built for newbies to online businesses. It is a simple yet powerful software that helps them create their store and handle conversions.

Sales Funnels

This is the major attraction of Clickfunnels. With these funnels, customers are guided to the checkout page. The software does this by helping you to create conversion-centric pages. Regardless of what you are selling, whether products or services, this software comes with sales funnels that will help you achieve your goals.

Apart from the sales funnels, you also get a plethora of templates to choose from.

  • Website Builder

You can use the builder to create your sales funnels and website pages. The editor allows you to add media to your page. You can also add your checkout carts and payment platforms.

  • Payment Integrations

Just as Shopify does, Clickfunnels lets you create or add payment integrations to your website pages. It is compatible with payment processors like PayPal.

  • Affiliate Marketing

With Clickfunnels, you can create affiliate programs that help you to generate even more income. You can also manage your affiliates by creating an affiliate team.

  • Email Marketing

If you want to run an email marketing campaign, then Clickfunnels comes with the features you need. It can automatically send your emails for you. You can even send emails to different email lists using Clickfunnels.

  • CRM System

Clickfunnels has an excellent CRM system that helps you to track customers. With this feature, you can see where they visit you from and their history on your website. You can also group the, according to different demographics like money spent, location and so on. This makes it easier to target them during your email campaigns.

Clickfunnels vs Shopify: Advantages and Disadvantages

Considering the features listed above, we can decipher some pros and cons of each software.

Shopify Advantages

  • Shopify is great if you have plenty of products to sell since it comes with a top-notch inventory management system.
  • By using Shopify, you get some of the best rates from shipping partners.
  • Shopify comes with a mobile app that allows you to manage your store on the go.


  • Shopify is for experts. If you do not know the online market, you will likely fail miserably.
  • You have to create integrations yourself, which increases the cost.
  • It is time-consuming, creating funnels and setting up the store.

Clickfunnels Advantages

  • With Clickfunnels, you can set up your store and sell with little to zero marketing knowledge. It automates the process for you.
  • Clickfunnels comes with several tools integrated. Thus, you do not have to make multiple payments to get started.
  • It makes it easy to create a sales funnel and start making money.


  • Expensive plans
  • Not great for a huge online store with hundreds of goods
  • Lacks a mobile app.

Shopify vs Clickfunnels: Pricing

As we said earlier in this Clickfunnels vs. Shopify review, Shopify offers you up to three payment plans while Clickfunnels offers just two.

Shopify plans comes with the Basic Plan for $29, Shopify Plan for $79, and Advanced Shopify Plan for $299. Clickfunnels, on the other hand, offers a Basic Plan for $97 and $297 for the Etison Suite Plan.

Both software offers you a 14 day free trial period. Interestingly, there is Clickfunnels shopify integration that allows you to transfer shipping information from a Clickfunnesl order form to a Shopify account.

Clickfunnels vs Shopify Conclusion

If you are a marketing pro and need a platform to take your online store up a notch, then Shopify is an excellent choice. It offers you the impeccable customer and inventory management. However, you must know how to create pages, running campaigns, and similar things.

Clickfunnels is excellent for beginners without plenty of marketing experience. You get all the features you need to run your business.


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